Geophysical and offshore software

Advanced geophysical software applied to marine and subsea exploration, including mining and underwater archaeological research.
Geophysical software used in marine geophysics, exploration and exploitation, and underwater archaeological research.
Geoseismic software widely used in marine and aquatic research such as marine geophysics, oceanography, marine archaeology and
Advanced software for hydrographic and geophysical surveys, underwater data processing and analysis.
Advanced geophysical software for processing, interpretation and analysis of geophysical data.
The software enables spatial data analysis, mapping, data visualisation, data management and web publishing.
Advanced software for the processing and analysis of seismic and sonar data used in oceanography and marine
Geophysical software for sonar data analysis and marine mapping. Supports salvage operations and the search for underwater
Advanced geographic software for processing, analysis and visualisation of geographic data: raster, vector and LiDAR.